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Basics of Combat Info: Environment


SEMCS was designed as stated before text-based roleplay communities, specifically for 3d text clients. As such there are a key few rules that specific for those environments. However, if you play with the system using our d20 method (Rules can be found in Advanced Section) the same can be applied with models and scenes done on table tops. Alternatively, if you’re in forums and are using images of your surroundings the same rules can apply.

Getting to the Basics Of Environments:

Environments play a heavy role in the world around us and the same came said for a virtual environment. Unlike most systems, we take that into account. So, there are a base set of rules when interacting. These rules cover using objects for shielding, penning, trapping and of course torching your foe. Here are some of the basic rules for environmental implementation in SEMCS:

Shielding With Objects:

There are various degrees of objects within an environment in a 3d or table top session. One of the more common items that can be found is tables. Tables can be used like most other things to shield yourself behind. If you are behind a table that is laying down, the opponent has to break through the table, climb over it, or move it. All objects of solid form in SEMCS are given 100 HP regardless of what they are. The only exception to this rule is walls, pillars, and other structural elements. If they are made of stone, the Base HP is 500. If they are made of wood, it is 250 HP. This reflects the effort to bash through doors and wooden walls. The only higher form of material to consider is Metal, such as bars, metallic doors, and other structural fixtures. These are given a Hp of 1000 and often should be avoided.

Shielding with movable objects has its own set of rules in SEMCS Moderate. However, they also have some major benefits in Basic. If the object is held, they will absorb 50% of all incoming damage. If the object is large enough to cover your body, it will absorb 100% of the damage. However be warned a shielding object such as a table, stool, door and or shield can also be pulled out of your hand.

Attacking With Environmental Objects:

There are many things that can be used as a weapon in environments around you. If you pick up a weapon in mid-combat, it does not change your AP for that round, rather it will decrease it the next one if it is not discarded. All weapons give the wielder 10 base damage, this includes stools, knives, swords, and torches so on…

Attacks with Torches and Items of this Nature:

Torches are nasty things, so is fire when burning the drapes, rugs and tipping oil pots. If your enemy or you are unlucky enough to be hit with them, it will do 10 base damage per area it hits. In addition, the target will receive 10 additional damage for every turn that they are burning. If they don’t expel an AP to drop and roll, they will continue to burn till the fire is out.

If the fire continues to burn a player or NPC for more than 2 turns, they will suffer -1 AP from the agony caused by the burn.to drop and roll, they will continue to burn till the fire is out.

Dust/Dirt / and other Misc Objects:

If there is dirt, dust, sand or any other throwable miscellaneous objects about that can be thrown they have an effect of their own. All these forms of “non-damage weapons.” Causes the opponent if not evaded with a counter, to lose 1 AP to get the grit out of their eyes. So, remember to fight as nasty as you can. Throw the dust, kick the dirt, knock tables over. Do whatever you can to win! After all, it is only your characters life at stake!