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Basics of Combat Info: Status Effects


With like any good RPG system worth its salt SEMCS has a series of pre-built in status effects to help your gameplay. More status effects come in moderate as the mechanics are not available until that point. That being said SEMCS Basic has the following Status Effects to help your gameplay.

Status Effect Definition:

A Status effect is an action, element or condition which affects a character over multiple turns. These effects can be a side effect from an attack, an implementation of poisons or even in a campaign a condition that the SM (Shadow Master) has applied to the party. Nevertheless, Status effects can be a living hell for anyone hit by them. Below is a list of status affects you should be aware of.


Poison occurs when an opponent has laced their weapon with poison, alternatively, a weapon can be dipped in faeces or other undesirable environmental objects to achieve this. Poison grants an additional + 5 damage per hit (Cannot be factored into critical hit or combo). Passion applies to a weapon for 1 AP and last 2 rounds. If the opponent Is struck with the weapon, they will receive an additional +5 damage for 3 turns. (Poison can be cured by Moderate based spells)


To cause bleed the player or NPC must state they are applying poison or ( insert name of poison) to their weapon with 1 ap.

Shattered Bone:

A shattered bone is a living nightmare. However, there is a condition to shattering before it can occur. To shatter a bone a stage of critical progression has to occur. This progression is cracked / Fractured / Break / Shatter.  Once a bone is completely shattered it cannot be used. In addition, if the opponent is using a weapon their base damage with that weapon suffers a -3 due to being forced to wield off hand.  If a leg or rib has been shattered, a player suffers a reduction for [c] and [cc] by a word count of 10 for the remainder of the battle unless healed.


A shattered bone can be supported by using the [Res] rest command in 1 AP and announcing you bound the wound. This will not give you back full damage for an arm. But will increase your [c] and [cc] to 15 words for the remainder of the fight. Shattered bones cannot be inflicted with sharp or piercing weapons. A blunt weapon or unarmed combat must be used.


Bleeding is an ugly thing, crimson red fluid just gets all over the place, well green if your Thian. That being said, it also has more downsides then one could have thought. If a player or NPC has been stabbed or wounded with a piercing or slashing weapon, they will suffer -5 HP per every turn from the bleed. This bleed can only be stopped with [RES] Resting and binding the wound, or a heal.


There are conditions for causing Bleed effect. A critical strike with the term puncturing or slashing forcing bleed must be used in the statement. A variation of this may be used, but the outcome must be indicated that you are aiming to force a bleed.  Bleed cannot be inflicted with bare hands.