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Intro to SEMCS: Basics


SEMCS is an HP turned based action re-action combat system. This system is meant to emulate realistic combat yet is robust enough to allow for the use of spells, technology and sci-fi factors. It functions similar to a d20 system used in tabletop roleplays all over the world. However, it may be similar, there is no need to use dice as SEMCS has all the necessary mechanics within it.

Built to host online games in chat environments, specifically 3d chat clients. SEMCS is and was the first of its kind. It allows for complex and dynamic gameplay without the need for supporting software like dice rollers and server engines.

While this system is meant to be used in 3d chat programs, you will find it capable of easily hosting games in forums, basic chat clients and groups all over the net. We are pleased to bring you this system and hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.

Getting Started:

To Begin with, all you need is access to a text program, that could be a 3d chat program, a basic text chat messenger, or even a text file. Secondly, you will need to bring your imagination and maybe some friends. SEMCS is better when played with a group, after all, it is meant to be roleplay, and not storytelling. Finally, you will eventually need a hoster. After you learn the basics to the system you will need to dedicate an SM or Shadow Master to house a game for you. It should be noted that SEMCS can also be done as open, re-active Role-play. In this type of setting you don’t need a hoster, rather the will to work together or against one another.