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The Shadow Empire role-play was conceived in 2004 by J.R.Robbins. The system itself came into full use on certain sites throughout internet as early as 2009. However until now has remained as simple notes and online post of rules. This is the first attempt to bring the role-playing system to the world.

Shadow Empire is a dark role-play involving the stories of creatures of the realms of Thia, Tera and Agadon.  Three separate dimensions that co-inside beside one another in what is known simply as the “multiverse.”

T.S.E’s role-play is meant for fantasy medieval role-play. However has the build in it’s mechanics for futuristic and modern role-play. The system is complex enough to house all genre’s styles and role-play types that one might need for table top, online text and chat-room role-play sessions.

It is advised before role-playing with T.S.E’s role-play system that you have read through the players Manual and understand on how the key rules work. You will find that this system is most enjoyable once understood.

Always remember that role-play is meant for fun, adventure and exercising of the mind. It should never be taken seriously beyond the point of a game. But as with any system, this system has 3 basic rules that should be followed.

  1. Come prepared for your game. Don’t keep the SM (Shadow Master) Waiting.
  2. Remember to listen and wait for your turn if you’re at a table top, or at least wait for your posting turn if your online.
  3. Remember, the shadow master is always right in the housing of their sessions. This guide is meant as a reference of how too. Not strict rules.